Getting involved

We are planning to develop a variety of small groups and activities that happen throughout the week and we hope that St. Martin's will enable you to find a place that is well-suited to your situation. Whether you want to investigate Christianity in a safe environment, grow with other Christians, pray with others, serve with people who have similar talents and interests, or get to know others, we hope there will be a small group with a welcome for you! 

In this section


a. Using our gifts in serving

Part of the vision of St. Martin's is for everyone to participate fully in the life of the church by using their gifts. We are sure that service within the Church provides one of the richest opportunities to grow in our experience in Christ.

If you wish to hear more about any of the following areas, please get in touch with Richard Tulloch.  No one will be expected to undertake any ministry without training.


Teaching Ministry

Do you have a passion to help others find faith and grow in Christian discipleship through teaching and sharing your experience of Jesus?  Involvement can be with all age ranges from 4-94 and the teaching can be in many forms.


Contacts Ministry

Do you have a passion to help others see the reality of the Christian faith? Involvement can be with a variety of areas midweek or on Sundays.


Practical Ministry

Do you have a passion to use your practical skills to help St. Martin's run smoothly and efficiently on Sundays and Midweek? If you have gifts and talents you would like to share by serving at St. Martin's – whether it is volunteering for the music groups, welcome and sidespersons teams, or any other team then please phone Richard Tulloch.


Serving the wider community

People from St. Martin's seek to serve in the community and elsewhere around the world by prayer, by giving finance, and by practical involvement.


b. Pastoral care

As Christians we are commanded to love each other, carry each other's burdens, be kind to each other. We all have this responsibility as we go about our ordinary lives. However there are times for all of us when friendly support is not quite enough.  Perhaps there is distress, bereavement, pressure or sickness – or a sense of spiritual emptiness. We provide help for these situations in more structured ways.  Please speak to Richard Tulloch.

There is a pastoral visiting team who visit those who are unable to get to church or are unwell.  Please let Richard Tulloch know if you would like someone on the team to visit someone.


Individual prayer and counselling

Most of us are only too well aware that as Christians we are not immune to the stresses and pressures of being human, especially within our families and relationships. Christian marriage is under particular pressure at the present time. And living in a society whose values are often opposed to the biblical ones we try to live by brings problems at work as well as at home. Sometimes old difficulties surface. It's often helpful to talk and pray things through in a ‘safe' situation where the spiritual dimension can be taken into account. Contact Richard Tulloch who will know who is best placed to help.

In addition to talking through the issues that arise in every marriage and family, we arrange marriage preparation for those in the congregation about to get married.


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